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Duchess Solar Project

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Name: Duchess Solar Project

Location: Duchess, Alberta

Project size: 90  MWac

Ownership: Engie


The Duchess Solar project is a 90MWac solar photovoltaic power plant owned by Engie ( of Courbevoie, France, who is  one of the world’s largest multi-national utility companies.


Perimeter originated the Duchess Solar Project with lease options signed by Perimeter on 972 acres of dryland pasture and cropland located outside the city of Brooks, Alberta. Perimeter’s development efforts involved, conducting preliminary environmental screening, establishing land control, securing a queue position and progressing the interconnection process with the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), and forging a relationship with the County of Newell that regulates development in this area of southern Alberta.


The project was subsequently sold to Engie and project development is currently ongoing with the support of Perimeter.

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