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Energy Storage


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As the cost of solar and wind energy continue to decline and the grid penetration of these sources of electricity rises, there is an increasing need to integrate energy storage solutions into our electrical infrastructure. For the above reason, Perimeter is actively developing innovative energy storage projects in Canada. Our efforts are not guided by media and investor hype, but rather draw on our long-standing assessment and monitoring of storage opportunities. In fact, members of our leadership team have been involved in energy storage since 2008 in the field of hydrogen electrolysis, and Philipp Andres, Director of Business Development at Perimeter, was co-founder of Next Hydrogen corporation, a leading hydrogen electrolysis company.


Drawing on our deep understanding of the energy storage field, coupled with experience gained in the development, financing, and operation of electrical infrastructure projects, Perimeter can realize opportunities that others may overlook. Energy storage is poised to become a major growth industry globally, and the companies with experience and know-how in this field are poised to drive this growth.

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